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Increase Business Growth With A Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Capital Direct

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It doesn’t have to be so hard for you to find the financial resources you need to finance your small business. Merchant Capital Direct has been a leader in providing businesses access to merchant capital.


You can use the power of your future credit card sales to access the cash you need today.

No borrowing, no banks, no loan application fees! Merchant Capital Direct can provide you with a cash advance for your small business that will have you back in the black!

Merchant Capital Direct

Why Do Business Owners Choose Merchant Capital Direct?


  • 1st and Only Network with a Payment Gateway
  • Merchant Cash Advance Funding up to $500,000
  • Small Business Funding at Affordable Rates
  • Easy and Fast Online Application and Approvals
  • Repayments Unique to Your Business


Getting a cash advance is fast, secure, and hassle-free!

Merchant Capital Direct

Easily Apply Online

Merchant Capital Direct

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Merchant Capital Direct

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Merchant Capital Direct

Fuel Business Growth with Fast Access to Working Capital



The best alternative to small business loans from banks, a merchant cash advance can help you leverage your future credit card receivables into working capital. Affordable and secure, just a quick application process can give your small business immediate access to working capital!

Get Financed Now

Merchant Capital Direct offers safe and secure funding for small businesses. Rather than checking your credit score, we provide cash advances based on the performance of your business.

Fast Approval

Get approved and get cash in just a few days! Unlike banks, we don’t care what you need the money for and promptly review your loan application to offer you the best business funding solution.

Payment Gateway

We make it easy to save money on your merchant credit card processing. As the first and only network with a payment gateway, the savings go straight to the borrower!

Merchant Capital Direct

Small Business Loans and Financing



Whether you are a start-up seeking capital or a seasoned business needing more money to grow, Merchant Capital Direct can help you to build your personal business credit with a cash advance.

Merchant Capital Direct

Small Business Funding


You no longer need to worry about traditional bank loans, lines of credit and credit checks. Merchant Capital Direct helps fund small businesses with cash advances and loans.

Merchant Capital Direct

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Funding


Receive the funding necessary to prosper from entrepreneurial opportunities, such as expansion or remodeling within residential or commercial real estate.

Merchant Capital Direct

Secured Business Loans


Secured loans require assets as surety or collateral. Apply for a secured loan today for affordable and attainable cash fast! 

Merchant Capital Direct

Unsecured Business Loans


An unsecured business loan or line of credit helps to skip the need for collateral or assets. Instead, borrowers will qualify based on their credit history and annual income.

Whatever the financial need, Merchant Capital Direct can help provide your small business with enough working capital to purchase inventory, pay off expenses, expand your business and more!